Virtual Best Team
The Virtual Escrow concept was created to assist BRE Brokers that are ready to add an escrow division, but perhaps are not prepared for a full time escrow officer.

Virtual Best Team will assist broker on setting up an escrow trust account, train the appointed escrow officer in the software and basic escrow procedures in processing an escrow file.

We are not an escrow company or the escrow for your transaction. The setup is for YOUR Non Independent Broker Escrow under BRE.

We work with Software that can be shared between your office and our office allowing us to check your escrow officer’s entries when requested. We can coordinate our consulting services with your escrow services.

We provide your office with training and support calls to questions your escrow officer may have throughout the transaction.

We review your escrow officer entries in the software system. We review the final balance and final closing statement. Checks are printed at your office.

Monthly trust account reconciliation reports are prepared by Software Company and forwarded to your office in compliance with BRE regulations.

For the office escrow officer, Broker need to employ, under their direct supervision, a person with experience as an escrow assistant, loan processor very experienced escrow coordinator that can be trained as an escrow officer.

An individual who has never worked in the Real Estate industry is NOT an acceptable candidate to be trained as an escrow officer.
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